fredag 4 december 2009

Essay instructions delayed

I wanted to publish the essay instructions today, but I am delayed. I found out that Google would turn up at KTH in their "academic outreach" activities and spent a large part of the day at that event.

I hope I can publish the instructions later today or tomorrow. You will anyway have two weeks to complete the essay from when you get access to them - I'm sorry for the delay. I appreciate that you'll need around/a maximum of 20 hours to complete a great essay but that estimate will naturally vary a lot from student to student... (My rough calculation: 20 hours to complete a 10-point essay; 40 hours to complete five 4-point individual seminar assignments (8 hours/assignment)).

The upside is that there might come a couple of suggestions for master's thesis work out of the discussions with Google - especially if you are a hand-on kind of person who would like to create/program (some) "demo" applications...

2 kommentarer:

  1. The essay is a group work or individual one?

  2. The essay is individual. You can regard it as a (large) question on the exam that you do in advance of the exam and after the individual seminar assignments now have been completed.


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