fredag 30 oktober 2009

Choose your seminar group!

With the changes in the schedule (that I wrote about in the previous blog post), it should now be possible for you to choose which seminar group you want to belong to.

Some advice:
- You should refrain from seminar group 1 if you take the course DM2553
- You should refrain from seminar group 2 if you take the course DM2517
- You should refrain from seminar group 3 if you take the course 662 at SSE

I hope everyone else can also find a seminar group that fits your schedule.

Please choose a seminar group by leaving a comment to this blog post. Don't forget to sign your comment with your name if you leave an anonymous comment!

If half of all students want to belong to one particular group, some of you will be disappointed - I need the groups to be more or less balanced... Thus, if you have strong reasons for choosing a particular group, please state those in your comment.


Changes in the schedule

I have made a few changes in the schedule to accomodate collisions with other courses better. These changes should eventually turn up in the online (TimeEdit) schedule, but I am not sure it will happen today.

We need to move faster with creating the seminar groups for the course as we will have our first seminars on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Everything in the schedule will remain the same with these exceptions:

- Tue Nov 10 at 10-12: It says Group 1 in the current schedule but it should be Group 2
- Tue Nov 10 at 13-15: It says Group 2 in the current schedule but it should be Group 3
- Wed Nov 10 at 10-12: It says Group 3 in the current schedule but it should be Group 1

- Wed Nov 18 at 10-12: It says Group 2 in the current schedule but it should be Group 1
- Wed Nov 18 at 13-15: It says Group 1 in the current schedule but it should be Group 2

torsdag 29 oktober 2009

To-do for next week

For next week's seminar:
- Read the instructions "091104 Seminar 1 assignment" (available in Bilda)
- Download and use the "Seminar assignment template" (available in Bilda)
- Write the assignment using the template
- Upload the assignment to Bilda (under "contents/seminar 1") before the seminar

For next week's lecture:
- Read part 1 of Benkler, "The wealth of networks" (chapter 1-4)

onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Schedule + seminar groups - part 2

I have been told that there are also some students who take the course DM2553 Media production

I was aware of this course, but thought it ended mid-term. To accomodate also this group will unfortunately mean that the schedule will have to be adjusted some.

The goal however is for students who take the course:
- 662 at SSE to be able to choose seminar group 1 or 2
- DM2517 to be able to choose seminar group 1 or 3
- DM2553 to be able to choose seminar group 2 or 3

Should a student happen to take two of these courses (say, 662 and DM2553), it should still be possible to find a suitable seminar group (in this case seminar group 2).

Again though, taking DM2553 into account, I will have to adjust the schedule some, sometimes by only switching groups around, and sometimes by moving seminars. I might have to change the date of a lecture in the end of November too.

I would like to speak to some DM2553 students at the lecture tommorrow before I make any definite changes. I want to avoid making changes tomorrow morning that would have to be changed again tomorrow afternoon as that would add an unneccessary layer of confusion for everyone.

I'd like to use the 15 minute long break in the lecture tomorrow to discuss neccessary changes in the schedule with a few student "representatives" who take the three courses above.

Seminar groups

There are three seminar groups in the course and each student will follow one of them.

I believe that some students might also study one of the following courses:
- 622 - Business to Business Marketing (at the Sth School of Economics)
- DM2517 - XML for publishing (at KTH)

I have adjusted the seminar groups so that only one out of three groups will not be suitable for students who take one of either of those two courses.

Please prepare yourself by thinking about which seminar group you would like to belong to. My own preference is that there should be more or less the same number of people in all the three groups. We'll discuss the seminar groups further at the introductory lecture tomorrow.

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

On-line course infrastructure

Most course-relevant information will be published on this blog - so please make sure you look at this blog at least a few times every week.

The one other place where you will find course-relevant information (especielly documents) is in the KTH Bilda/Ping Pong "learning management system".

This information will be located in the "DM2578 Social Media Technologies HT09" activity.

You don't need to check that group ("activity") regularly. I will post information here when there are new documents available in Bilda.

If you can not access DM2578 in Bilda, you are probably not registered for the course. Please look up you local friendly administrator for help with registering for the course!

måndag 26 oktober 2009

Course schedule

The schedule for the course is available here.

Do note that the first three activities each week are seminars. You will belong to a seminar group ("#Grupp 1", "#Grupp 2", "#Grupp 3") and attend only one of those three activities.

The last one (or two) activities each week are lectures ("Frl")

Course literature

The main book we will read during the course is:
- Jochai Benkler, "The Wealth of Networks" (2006)

The book available in offline or online bookstores. It can for example be ordered from (155 SEK + postage) and will be sent in 2-5 days.

The whole book is also available online for free. You can download the whole book (3.6 MB) or individual chapters (PDF files) right here.

The book will be complemented with other texts in the course.

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

How to get in touch with Daniel Pargman

To get in touch with me, please mail me at: pargman(at)kth(dot)se

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