lördag 5 december 2009

Essay instructions are available in Bilda

The essay instructions are now available in Bilda.

I uploaded the instructions 02.00 Saturday morning December 5 and you will have exactly two weeks from now to write the essays. The deadline for handing in the essays (in a drop box in Bilda) will thus be 02.00 on Saturday December 19.

Please read the essay instructions carefully, there is information there about the form of the essay, the criteria for evaluationg/grading the essay, what happens in you hand in the essay late etc.

4 kommentarer:

  1. When is the deadline for sending the written report for seminar 6?

  2. Same day as the seminar - in the morning. I mentioned this at the seminar (group 1) and the lecture last week, but I moved the deadline now.

  3. Perhaps, since we didn't know about the time of your uploading the document in advance, and since we already have a home exam and a group project scheduled in these two weeks of what is a part-time course, we could at least get all of that weekend to finish the essay on time?

  4. Are there more people who think it is useful to have a few extra days over the weekend to hand in the essays?


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